Educating youth through practical and engaging content, providing tools and perspective to build resilience, self-awareness and positive relationships by promoting growth during challenge and adversity.



I created The Perspective Project to provide students with practical tools that are not generally part of a school’s curriculum.

I believe through this work, I can encourage students to look at situations through a different lens. 

The Perspective Project’s curriculum is diverse, ranging from how to accept failure to identifying the purpose of the ego. The Perspective Project is based on fundamental principles from many great authors, coaches and teachers and has no religious affiliation.

By providing students the tools needed to gain perspective during a challenging experience, we’re supporting positive growth and development in their lives. Perspective allows for greater resilience and more learning when students may face hard times.  

The Perspective Project gives students the ability to recognise, accept and work through adversity, creating a healthier and happier present and future.



Our perspective is the way we see something. It is defined as a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view.

Often times we may find it challenging to get a different perspective of a situation. This is a result of our own beliefs and values; they shape the way we see the world; we create certain filters based on our beliefs. If we believe the world is a beautiful place, we will see the beauty. If we believe the world is a cruel place, we will see the cruelty.

Our beliefs begin to form at a very young age based on our upbringing and environment. 

By getting a different perspective, students are able to see the world in a different way and begin building a life of authenticity and integrity.

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