5 Ways to Overcome the Voice Inside Your Head

Our ego is that voice that tells us we aren't good enough, smart enough, pretty enough. If we allow ourselves to listen to it, it can seriously effect the way we live and love. Despite how often or how loud those voices may be, we are the ones in control.  The ego doesn't have power over us, unless we let it. But, sometimes we spiral down a rabbit hole so deep, we don't know how to crawl ourselves back out.

Here are five things to tell your ego you are the one running the show.

1. Thank you.

By thanking the ego, you aren't fuelling its fire. The more loving kindness you give to the ego, the more it begins to dissolve. You can thank the ego and let it know, you are taking it from here.

2. I am good enough.

The ego likes to lead us to believe that we aren't capable of doing the things we want to do. We often compare ourselves to other people, which never ends well. All human beings have a need for significance, but it has to come from the inside, out. We can't solely rely on other people to make us feel good about ourselves. Tell the ego that you matter, and believe it, because you do. 

3. I've already done this.

Reminding your ego of the things you've already achieved, overcome or accomplished allows you to shift your attention to the positive outcomes you've already experienced. The ego can't doubt you if it knows you've already prevailed in the face of adversity.

4. I am comfortable with the uncomfortable.

The ego wants to keep us safe. It leads us to believe our 'comfort zone' is where we want to be, when we really just want to break free from the feelings of mundanity. Once you let the ego know youembrace uncertainty, it has no choice but to step down. 

5. I value feedback.

Failure and feedback are one-in-the-same. When we don't achieve the outcome we had hoped for, we gain feedback based on our experience. We can then learn from this, and change how we approach future opportunities. Let the ego know you need to fail in order to grow and succeed. All of the greatest achievers of our time had to fail, hundreds of times. Even Michael Jordan and Albert Einstein.