What is life coaching?

Life coaching inspires clients to maximise their personal and professional potential through a creative and thought-provoking process.  Life coaching examines challenges or obstacles, and focuses on what is happening in the present to create plans, solutions and goals with their clients. A coach's skill is based on their questioning and listening ability, to get the client to think about things they have never thought of. 

Will I be given advice or told what to do?

Life coaching uses fundamental tools such as Neural Linguistic Programming and behavioural science to decode certain unrescourceful behaviours or habits that are inhibiting the client to achieve their goals. Guidance and support is given based on the coaches behavioural expertise,  but it is up to the client to practice the tools given to make any changes in their life. Coaches ask the questions and clients give the answers. 

How do I know coaching is for me?

If you're at a fork in the road personally or professionally. If you suffer from any current adversities that you feel are holding you back. If you are an action-oriented person who would like to see results based on your commitment. If you are dealing with a particular issue that you would like to overcome. If you would like to take your life to the next level. 

What's the difference between coaching and counselling or psychology?

Coaching focuses on present day challenges and guides the client to find answers to overcome these challenges. Coaching will look at behaviours or habits developed during childhood, but will not examine them at great lengths as a client would during a counselling or psychology session. 

How long do you recommend I get coached for?

Six sessions is the recommended amount to see any real change. Progress is based on how much responsibility and accountability the client undertakes over the course of the sessions. 

What will our sessions be like?

Every session you will be asked to have an intention. This intention will guide us as we uncover any underlying issues or obstacles that might come up. You will be asked questions based on your current situation, and the more honest and open you are during a session the more you will get out of it. 

What ethical standards do you have?

My practice is based on the International Coach Federation's Code of Ethics.